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videodownloader Why should you convert youtube videos to mp4?

There are tons of reasons why you should convert the videos from the streaming service YouTube to MP4 format. Well, the most obvious reason is that the MP4 file format is supported by all the devices as well as the applications that run them. The MP4 file format is ideal when it comes to offline playback, and you can also play the files with MP4 format on the gaming consoles without any hassle.

Another reason why most of the people around the world choose MP4 format file is that they offer great balance when it comes to the quality as well as the size of the file.There is a wide array of converters around the internet. Some of these YouTube to mp4 video container is paid, and some are for free.

It is essential to choose the perfect mp4 file converter is because some of these converters are comprised of watermarks and at the same time some of these are filled with ads. You must choose the perfect converter for your day to day life because some of these converters will download the unwanted application on your device as you are opting for their services.

Ways for converting YouTube videos to MP4

1. Converting YouTube videos to 4K MP4 videos

Now, the 4K resolution video is opted more often than the conventional 480p, 720p, 1080p and 1980p. The 4K videos which can be converted from YouTube to mp4 file format can easily be downloaded all a person has to do is copy the link of a video and turn it. It is that simple and there are no conditions there.

Sometimes, the 4K MP4 format comes as a default format and sometimes you are going to have to choose the MP4 format manually. Always look for the options to select the highest resolution for downloading the videos from YouTube to mp4.

2. Automatically converts the YouTube videos

There are tons of things that efficiently convert the videos coming from YouTube to mp4. Some of these converters have a smart mode feature which quickly converts the entire video file without having to do anytime, all you have to do put a single click.

3. Converts and saves the MP4 video

After you are done with the conversion options, where it includes to choose the MP4 format, you also have to determine which audio codec they need along with the video codec, if the pre-default setting is not your jam. Once you have done everything, save the MP4 video content else you are going to have to re-do it all over again.

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