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speedtest Why knowing your internet speed matters

It is exceptionally crucial to carry on the internet speed test of a website at regular intervals. The most imperative reason as to why conducting a speed test is beneficial is because keeping up with the regular tabs of the speed test will enhance the online presence of a website.

With regular speed test the websites loads quickly and at the same time, they even work seamlessly. One of the main reasons why the potential visitors are lost by most of the websites, the potential visitors easily get turned off with a site that loads the content at a slow pace. To have a strong presence in the digitized online market, it is essential to actively check the speed of the website once in a week or even in a month.

Testing the speed test of a website is extremely quick, fast and reliable. They provide greater insight into the site of the company. Most of the time, the slow speed are caused due to the issues at the back-end.

The three significant conveniences that come with Speed test are:

They Prevent Conversion Jeopardy:

The unique attribute of a website is the load time of a page. KISS Metrics has provided with a research report which says that almost 40 among the worldwide internet users are going to abandon the website due to a single reason: it the load time of the website’s page is more than three seconds.

A second delay in the response of the page will also reduce the rate of conversion to almost seven percent. For most of the industries as well as businesses, delay in the website’s load time will hurt the website’s traffic, generation of leaders as well as conversion.

Takes a stalk of the areas for improvement:

When a developer of a website runs a speed test regularly, he/she can take stalk of the bottlenecks of the website. It will also help in determining the reduced load time of the website.

According to some of the reputed developers in the world, even the subtle changes which have been made to the back end and the front end of the website will have a significant impact on the website like such as converting the website’s background images to JPG format. It also impacts the CSS files and also while hosting Google’s custom fonts.

Maintaining the website’s SEO:

In the last few years, the essential requirement of a website is the search engine ranking. Google’s search engine algorithms entirely. Internet speed is one of the key culprits when it comes to decreasing the rate of speed of a website.

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