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convert When should you convert PDF files to word documents?

PDF documents are useful. However, it is often required for these PDF documents to be converted into word files or word documents. The prime reason behind the same is the fact that there are many sites through which PDF documents can’t be shared. There are many methods available for the conversion of PDF documents to the word.

However, the best method is indeed to make use of PDF word converter. Such conversion works are matters of few clicks through an effective converter. Good news is that one can find online PDF word converter as well, those are equally effective. Apart from PDF word converter based methods, one may take help of Google Docs as well. Check out the steps below.

Convert the file using the Google Docs

  • First of all, open the Google Docs through your browser.

  • Those who are not logged can provide the mail id and password when asked, and then put a click on ‘Go to Google Docs.’

  • The best part about using Google Docs based method is that it doesn’t keep the images of PDF.

  • Now put a click on Upload, which can be found at the extreme right at the top within the Template Gallery. The same can be found just under the profile image as well.

  • Choose the file from your device and put a click on ‘Open’ to make the PDF file uploaded into the drive. One may have a preview of the same as well after the upload process is over.

  • Put a click on the option ‘Open with,’ which can be found at the top, which makes a drop-down menu apparent.

  • In case, if the drop-down box doesn’t appear, one can find by moving the mouse over the window as well.

  • Now put a click on Google Docs that can be found under the drop-down menu to make the PDF open as the doc file.

  • Those who don’t find docs within the drop-down one can simply follow a simple step to click Connect within the drop-down menu and make a search for Google Docs, and then connect to find the option.

  • Now save the file as a word file that can be downloaded and edited.

  • Put a click on ‘File’ at the extreme left and go through the drop-down menu to find Download option, and then click on the .doc file.

  • Finally, find the save destination for the file.

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